Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Injustice In My Workplace

This is a tremendous sad days in my life, I will never forget this day that I have been experienced an injustice in my workplace. Injustice because of instead that my co-worker would be punished of being abusive and mean to me, by harassing and bullying me while jelling using an f-words in front of my face but then I am shock when I read the results of the investigation that I am being judge by the management of being mean and racist because of a fabricated story made by my co-worker.

My formal written complaint of harassment and bullying was overturned by a fabricated statement that makes me in trouble, and that fabricated statements was used against me of being mean and racist. That according to his statement I am the one who jelled at him saying "Just go to hell Nigger" which I categorically denied that allegation of saying that hostile words against him. I am wandering why the management didn't analyze or realized that the allegation made by my co-worker is true or not? did they really believed that a small guy like me would say that hostile words in a big guy like him? did they really believed that I could say that words to a guy who is not a black guy? did they realized that what would be my purpose why I initiates the complaint against him if I am the one who jelled at him and saying that hostile words? or they judge me according to my opponent fabricated story?

In my complaint I indicated that my co-worker jelling at me using an f-words that treated me like a dog. The reason of his getting mad at me is according to him I disrespect and insulting him for interrupting his lunch break while asking help to figure out the problem in my work area. After the problem was resolve I ask my other co-worker if the problems was resolve and he said "oh yeah no problem, it's ok now",..then all of a sudden my co-worker get mad to me saying that " why you care, you don't care" and I said to him "I really care that's why I ask help to you" but he still get mad to me saying that I disrespecting and insulting him for ruining his lunch break. I replied to him that we could go and figure out the problem after lunch break, but you still go on the site but he still mad at me and continuing jelling using an f-words in front of my face.

After the argument happened, I asked my other co-worker of what I am going to do about the incidents, do I need to report to HR or not, he replied to me that bring first the incidents to our supervisors. Then I follow his advice, the following day I wrote a written complaint about the incidents to my supervisor and promise me to investigate the incidents, and submit the results to HR. The things is he didn't initiates the investigation of the incidents, he directly submit the case to HR and the are the one who investigate the case. The HR called me and heard my side, then they called my co-worker who jelled at me heard his side, then called the other co-worker who witness the incidents heard his side. and base to the statement being made by my co-worker who jelled at me, he denied my complaint and reverse the situation that he is the one was jelled by me,..and said I am a racist because I called him "Just go to hell Nigger". I denied this allegation and said to HR that I never used or saying that kind of hostile words, but they don't believed on me but instead pursue and told me that the company do not tolerate any hostile words used against each other or against any person working in the company. They give me the notice that I was place on a Final Warning, that if ever I do it again I would be kick out on my job.

I felt very disappointed on that moments, I felt that there is injustice on my workplace because the circumstances that I never do or committed was awarded to me. That instead of having a good and fair trial or investigation, they totally believed that I am who abuse and harass my co-worker because of that fabricated story made by him. My co-worker manage to influence the one and only witness of the incident to go on his side and backing his allegation. He also influence the investigating body to believed his fabricated story and allegation that I am the one who abuse him by using bad words and saying that hostile words such as "Just go to hell Nigger"..I believed in God and I believed God knows the real incidents and I believed God will not tolerate any fabricated statement or story against thy neighbor...so I give and submit this case to our God Almighty to judges accordingly base on the truth...

Monday, March 14, 2011


Aheem,..Aheem,..ohhh,...wow,..what a great word of expression just to get her attention. Yeah,..that is an expression that makes her alive from being stucked up on her daily routine in face book. Ashley is a mother of one beautiful 13 yrs old girl, she is so nice, beautiful, and adorable that people may admired because of her kindness and politeness. She is also a simply woman that only a simple cute smile would  be seen into her face when you met her face to face.

From being a hard worker Mom in a first class hotel in Europe to being a good Mom of one lovely daughter at home, Ashley still has had time in face book. After reading some messages and comments on her wall, she immediately go to her favorite games "The Farmville and other games that face book offered to its member". And to make it sure that nobody interrupts her in playing her favorite games she turn off the chat session box and continue doing the games. That is how her daily routine runs everyday until one day someone sent a message and it says; "AHEEM,..AHEEM",.... what a very interesting message that tooks her attention while playing her favorite games.

Bernard is also an avid users of face book, and it is his habbit that every day he needs to read first the comments, and messages from his friends, relatives, and classmates into his wall before going to his favorite games. He played Farmville and Island Paradise just to scape the boredome in his daily life and after that, he got slept when all things are done. From being a hard worker in nightshift at global company base in U.S.A goes down to home work everyday such as attending kids needs on school, brings his daugther in school, and gives foods after kids got home, while being occupied he still have time to visit his face book account to make sure that he could answer some messages and comments from somebody else. That is the scenario when you visit him in his home everyday,..until one day Bernard saw the name that is very familiar to him in while visiting his relatives in face book account,..and he sent a message to her,.."AHEEM,..AHEEM",....

Ashley sent back a message; "AHEEM,..AHEEM" since she already recognized the name of the guy who sent the message. She is very sure, a 100% that the guy who sent the message is also the guy who rocks her innocent heart 30 yrs ago. Yes,..an innocent heart that fell in love to this guys who is also fell in love to her that days. But sad to say that this guys don't have a guts and afraid to be hurt if he offer his love seriously to her because of some reason that might not acceptable to her family and relatives. Until they departed from another horizon without saying anythings nor attempting to call just to say "I love you".

And one day,..the destiny offers to get in touch both Ashley and Bernard in face book, although the offers don't really gives the harmony of being in touch personally of the two because of being far from each other. Ashley is in Europe and Bernard is in U.S.A but the feelings they felt before 30 yrs ago was revived and they recollect the days when they are still in high school until they departed from each other...blaming both of them why nobody voice out about the feelings they have before. Ashley blamed Bernard why he didn't voice out his feelings to her before when she is still available, why he didn't make any move to know her that he fell in love to her...and she confessed to Bernard that she also fell in love to him that days, she only waits that Bernard would say that he fell in love to her. Bernard also confessed to her that he is afraid to tell the truth that he is badly inlove to her because of his situation, he is just a poor man who belongs to the poor family who hardly find food for every day living. And that is why he has no strength to tell and fight his feelings to her because of the circumstances of his life before.

(Well, its time to take a cup of coffee and let the second part of their life be published next time dear readers)

Monday, March 7, 2011

In God's Clinic

I just found these verse that one of my friend sent to me, I think I need to shares this to all of you who accidentally visit my blogsite. It would remind us what else we need to do to makes ourselves change a little bit further and be a good christian in the future or right now after you read the message in the picture. Just point your arrow at the picture to make it large and visible to read the message on the pictures..


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My H.S Alma Matter

Wow,..I felt so glad because I found my old alma matter during my high school days in face book. It's been three decades when we walked on the stage to shake hands and received our diploma to our school President and Vice President Mr. and Mrs Yap together with our school principal Mrs Tiongquico. A very memorable days that every graduates from previous years felt so emotionally happy to remember, and the most memorables days that never fade in our minds is the high school days...and yes I'm not going to forget my high school days in Dau Academy, Dau Mabalacat Pampanga Philippines.

Dau Academy or D.A is not really a well-known high school school campus in our place in Dau Mabalacat Pampanga since this is only a small school during my highschool days,.. but,..oh men you won't even expected that you might be become a talented and inteligent person after you've done and graduated to this school. Yes,..because all students are taught by a hard working, talented, intellegent, and dedicated teachers who mentor you to learned more and more until you become a knowledgeable one.

There are many students from this school who are very successful now a days..some of them are engineers, business man, managers, lawyers, teachers, and others are proudly to mentioned as government employees, politician, and OFW which are they called them as "New Heroes" now a days. Well,..that is how life after highschool days, every graduates needs to find his/her owned destiny, some are very successful in their career and some are not.

In my highschool batch, that is batch '81 some of them are very successful in their career, and most of them are living now in different countries such as U.S.A., London, Middle East, Spain, and etc. with a happy family of course. And those who are unfortunate to reached their dreams and goals in their life are still strieving to make a good living and bring their kids to school no matter what. I know they want their kids to be successful in their career once they grew up and have their owned family in the future, that is how Filipino culture are.

Looking back to high school days, in my personal experience high school life is very memorable one, there are lots of fun, lots of friends, lots of crushed, lots of trouble, and unexpected true love to be found. You will never forgot those days in your life except if you don't mind it when you are already in a new dimension of living. Most of my classmates and batchmates names and their faces are still in my mind others are still familiar with me after 30 yrs. ago when I graduates in high school at Dau Academy, Dau Mabalacat Pampanga.

That's why I am very happy when I learned that some of my batchmates and classmate planned and organized our first batch reunion this coming July 9, 2011. I proudly mentioned and gives thanks to our batch '81 reunion organizer Eng'r and CEO Delino Cubacub, Mr. Cedel Monzon, Ma. Luz Dizon, Alma Abisia, Carolina Santos and others who actively participate in this incoming events of recollection. I salute you classmates and batchmates for this initiatives, you're trully a motivator of our H.S batch and more power to all of you and God Blessed you all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


As I lay down in bed
Thinkin’ of somebody farway
Eyes wide open, missing her terribly
I want to reach out to her, but I can’t.
It’s her birthday today
but I am not there to greet her . . .
“A happy, happy birthday,
And may you have happier birthdays to come”.

Others may hugs and kiss you
On your birthday
But I know that
I couldn't hugs and kiss you anymore.
Just remember my dear
That sometime, I'm a part of your life

I am sad, coz I'm no longer
Exist in your humble heart
But deep in with me
You're still in my mind and in my heart
And that is forever.

As I look forward to your coming birthdays
I wish you want me
To spend time with you
And let me greet you
"A happy, happy birthday honey"

And as I look forward, hope you allow me
To be with you once again
And accept me as what I am before
And let our hearts entwined, To make our dreams realized.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Caused Of Ruinning Our Natural Environment.

This is it, the things that I mentioned on my blog before, about illegal mining in my home town, the mining in Cabangahan, Cantilan Surigao Del Sur that starts last year 2010. In a short period of time Feb. 02, 2011  rains falls occurs and our entire barangay including the municipal town is full of rain water,..a "flash flood" that we normally heard from our weather forcasting department are seen all over the place. We're not only the one was affected by this calamities but also the four municipalities arround the province, Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, and Lanuza, we called it "CARCANMADLAN" not to mentioned of  all barrios of these municipalities which is heavilly affected.

These are the caused of ruinning our natural environment especially of illegal logging, illegal mining, and illegal quarrying. The worst things that might be the caused of this flash flood are the illegal logging and illegal mining. Cuttings of trees without any reservation would make the storms water flow very fast towards the slopes areas going down the low land,. and or it makes the creeks, the rivers fulls of water in a short period of time. If the creeks, and the river overflows the storms water goes anywhere in the fields which are normally the source of income of our farmers in the country side. All crops owned by our poor farmers would be devastated by these flash flood and only a little part would be spared from damages.

Not only our poor farmers are affected but also the whole neighborhood, because the flash flood might also be the caused of  damages that might collapse of our many infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. These infrastructures are vital source of the people to make money daily,. this is also the source of our farmers to market their crops from barrio side to town proper, we called it road to market. If these infrastructure are not passable due to heavy damages, our poor farmers, our workers and other users would hardly do and go around to make money daily..

How about the residential houses, does these would be spared by flash flood? oh boy I don't thinks so. Yes, maybe,.. if your home is built in a high elevation areas, but normally and usually we seen homes are built in low land elevation where they could easily go around to make money in the neighborhood. And that's it,..if it is built in low land elevation their homes are not exempted from flash flood, and they don't know what will happen next if the water will rises in its fullest the nerves, the scarry things would be felt on that moment not mentioning what would be to be ate next.

So,..this is it,...this is the occurrence if the illegal logging, illegal mining and illegal quarying continous that affects our mother nature...our life,..and our next generation...Soooooo,..pleeeeeaaaasse stop these illegal activities against the Natural Environment of our owned province,..Long Live CARCANMADLAN and their folks.

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Scape From The Death

After we have fun in Las Vegas Nevada on Jan. 15-16, 2011 we decided to go home early, which is supposed to be schedule to go home the following days Jan. 17, 2011 so we could go anywhere we want to go in Las Vegas, but my son needs to go home early because he needs to work the following day. So we decided to go home with him in one car, the car that I give to him during his 17th birth day last August 2010 after he got a driver license.

I am confident that my son knows already how to drive specially in the super highway with a speed limit of 65-75 mi/hr since he always did it before. So, from Las Vegas Nevada we took highway U.S 93 going back to Chandler Arizona. In the middle of our journey in highway U.S 93 I notice that the car rans so fast with the speed of 90-100 mi/hr and my son tried to overtake three car, and it happen that while overtaking there is an incoming car toward us, my son tried to go back on his lane but he couldn't make it anymore since there is no room to bring the car on track. So he decided to pull over the car to the opposite side to avoid hitting the incoming car,.. but we almost hits by the incoming car before we reached the opposite side. Thanks to the Lord God that there are no obstacles when we hit the opposite side of the road, its just only a torny grasses and small trees on it, thanks to the Lord God that there are no big trees and ravine behind on it or else we all sure died if we hit those things I mentioned, which is usually we seen in a narrow road at mountainous areas...

During that crashed, my little girl Wendy cried and was shock, scared, and I got mad and angry to my son for being a reckless driver, but I am also angry to myself because I let him drive the car over the speed limit, I was blame too by my brother and sister after the insident happen for letting my son drive in a long jouney. We get out inside the car and look at what would be the cost of the damage, and we have seen that the front car bumper was totally wrecked due to hard impact while hitting the tall and torny grasses. I start the engine again and feel it if we could enable to drive and continue the journey,..and thanks God the engine is still ok and capable to travel again. This time, I didn't allowed my son to drive it again. I grab the steering and let myself drive the car until we got home sound and safe...I really praise the Lord God that he allowed us to scape the death on that moment of time...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Air Supply - Lost In Love

Yess I've been inlove to you so long,...I'm lost in love to you...honey

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Forbidden Relationship

A relationship to someone else whose married still exist is forbidden, this is how the law of matrimony rules especially in Christian community. But this law sometimes ignored by both people who really in-love together...who met and fall in-love in a wrong dimension.

Accordingly, to fall in-love and have had a relationship to someone else aside from legal husband and wife relationship is not allowed by the law of matrimony and to the law of God. Basically it is called adultery which is written against the law of man, it is a sins in the eyes of many people, but why it is a sins and against the law if you both love each other? Is it because there are no legal papers to show to the world that they both mutually inlove? Does legal paper signifies the holiness of the matrimony of marriage? or it is a common beliefs that it is an adultery commited by both of the two who fall inlove in a wrong place and in the wrong time?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Titanic {Jack & Rose} ; My heart will go on.♥ || HD Quality!!

Yesss,...even wherever you are,..my hearts will go on and on,..to love you...honey

Celine Dion- Power Of Love with Lyrics (Live in Las Vegas)

Yes I am your man,..and You are my Lady,..that is how the Power of Love works between you and me,...honey.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

How The Ending Love Affairs Affects

So this is again the end
Another pain
Another agony
Another things called suffering...

A time when you have given all
You have learned life
Love the moment
Lost in a blink of an eye...
A lingering feeling lost
Moment stolen by destiny

Memory that disappeared in space
Stars lost its spark
Everything else follows..
Thanks by the way...
For the love stolen

Forgotten by time
Promises broken
Lies spoken
Tears shed

Memories of us will never exist
While the emotion remains
The person changed
The victim moves on
Recovering from the pain

Living on the challenge..
Life is unfair

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bee Gees - How Deep Is Your Love (High Quality)

I love this song too,...coz you and me we're living together..I ddcate this song to you,...my beloved one.

Imagine - John Lennon

I love to listen this song,,,very touchable and soft melody..

Sunday, January 23, 2011


That dirge of smattered crimson blackness
Let me bruised, shattered and damaged all over.
So vain, so grotesque, and quite ill-fated,
Those shadows that continue to haunt me in my slumbers.
In the wings and flight of promises burned,

I'm still shackled by the grip of the past.
Forged within the depths of deception,
I sink to the brink of illusion with the spells it casts.
Time just gave some second swift
To our memories, so blithe, so sweet.

Now I sit here with my sagging hopes and dreams,
With velvet whispers hushed adrift.
Old pictures, faded scribbles,
The orange sky and blissful dusk,
Not the bane of our existence, 

Just the canvass of what was.

Remember this place
Where we watch those light house on hills.
Remember this place
Where both of us once entwined.
As dark and dull as a starless night,
As vague and bare like a withering tree.

That's how I feel without you now,
North star, my gentle zephyr, my saccharine sunshine, 
my sweet tenderness...and still says,..I Love You....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Hidden Feelings That I Have

Nobody’s knows its empty
This smile that I wear
The real I is left in the past
Because you have left me there

Nobody’s knows I am crying
They won’t even see my tears
When they think I am laughing
I am still wishing you be here

Nobody’s knows it’s painful
They think that I am strong
They say that this won’t kill me
But I wonder if they were wrong

Nobody’s knows I am praying
That you will change your mind
They think that I had let you go
When you left me behind

Nobody’s knows that I miss you
They think that I feel set free
But I feel like I am bound with chains
Trapped in the mystery

Nobody’s knows that I need you
They say that I can do it by my owned
But they don't know I am crying
When I am all alone.

Wendy - NY 2011

I was shocked when I watch this video, I don't even imagine that my little Wendy who is very shy to everybody is now performing an amazing dance. I don't know where did she learned how to dance that's why I'm so glad and happy watching her dancing in front of many audience...