Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Missing You So Much

I can't concentrate
I think I'm going to die
I am really missing you
Without you I can't move on

I know you are miles away
But distance can't block
To forbid me in loving you

Everyday I sit and think
About you and me
Is the only thing keeping me sane
Knowing you love me too

I want to be with you
Forever in your side
But distance is creeping
Up on me and putting me
Stay away from you

I really missing you so much
And missing your warmth embrace to me
Wishing some other day
I will be with you again

I love you so much
So I will wished upon the stars
That I will be with you
In a place where we shared love
And wondering wherever we go

Honey, Thank You.

You are different from anyone
I ever met before
And yet, somehow
There is something
Distinctly familiar about you

Maybe it's in the way
Your eyes laugh so closely
Or maybe it has something to do
With the warmth in your heart

Whatever it is, it's a reflection
Of your sincere soul
I've never known to anyone
Who understands or cares the way you do

You have a great gift
And that gift is yourself
I'd like to thank you
For choosing to share your gift to me

I want you to know
That you have made
A significant difference in my life
And I ppreciates it for having you
A part of my life....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wishing You Be With Me On Xmas

Ohhh,.. my beloved one
Hoping that you are here this Xmas
Hugging me while we look up on the sky
Waiting for the shooting star falling down
And make a wished that we never set apart

Xmas is for sharing
Hope you share a little bit love
To my empty heart
That always chasing for a little love
To fulfill the emptiness behind.

My dearest one
Don't let this Xmas make me sad
A phone call from you
Would make my world colorful
To hear your voice
Is already a fulfillment
Of happiness that I desired.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gays in the Military?

I just want to raised my owned views and opinion regarding the passage of the bill that repealed a while ago the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in the U.S military organization. Maybe you too could do the same in leaving your idea and views over here. 

I just read the news paper regarding the passage of the bills in repealing the laws "Don't Ask, Don't Tell " in the U.S military organization. "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a law that prohibited man/woman in uniform to expressed or to exposed their third sex genres while active service in the military, and those that are found would met desciplinary action or even expulsion in the military organization.

Now, that third sex genres in the military is already allowed after Pres. Barrack Obama signed it into law,.what would be the scenarious that the public expects in the near future? I still remember when I am in the military service in the Philippines (2Lt PAF or Philipppines Air Force), during our rigid training in Villamor Air Base Pasay City, we should required to act as a robot, stomach in breast out policy while marching on the line or else your superior will punch your breast and your back. If you don't act quickly you would dealt the punishment from your superior, such as one day jogging around the oval and a 100 push-up, and another 200 pumping (right hand holding the left ear and left hand holding the right ear at the same time), then 1hr squat not including the punching and kicking while doing that such punishment.

Survival training and markmanship would also be mastered too, and that would be mandatory training that should be done while you are in the mountainous areas, should be side by side from your buddy always or else both of you would be hit by a live bullet while snipping and crawling on the ground toward the assigned end areas. There are a lot of  scenarious inside and out during the training time that you and your group would only knows,..this is the policy of " what you hear, what you see, when you leave, leave it here" I think that is where the sloggan of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" came from.

I wonder, what would be and how these would be applied if third sex genres shown in the military organization? I don't care about the lesbian since I know they could handle the situation in case there are emergency call or call to arms.,but what about the gays?,..we know gays, sometimes and many times they feel like a weak woman,,.they felt they are a beautiful woman that needs attention from a man,..don't tell me that he only wear the backpack and a catridge belt with a rounds of ammunition inside without firing the gun because they can't afford to kill the enemy because of their behaviour? How about if he was captured by the enemy and be a prisoners of war (POW), could he assured his superior officers not to compromised the game plan of his organization he belongs if the enemy force him to disclosed? Oh men, I am afraid about this,.. Now,..let me know your opinion about this case,...just leave a comment if you want too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I remember this song, this was played after my nuptials ceremony is done..

Richard Sanderson - Reality (La boum) LYRICS

Honey this is our theme song, I value this song because it comes from our hearts honey..I know dreams will never be a reality but sometimes it becomes realized to make two hearts meets each other in real world honey as what it happen to us.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Air Supply - Now And Forever

I ddcated this song to you honey,...

Air Supply - The One That You Love

Do I am the one that you love honey? or your just playing to crashed my life...?

Journey - Faithfully

Th eoriginal Journey,.."Faithfully" yes I'm forever yours honey,..

Air Supply - All Out Of Love

Yes I'm so lost without you honey,..

Friday, December 3, 2010

kahit maputi na ang buhok ko - sharon cuneta

Sharon Cuneta - Mahal Kita, Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Niya Ay Iba

Ganun kaya yun? yun ba ang dahilan kung bakit wala ka ngayon sa akin?...sana hindi...

Soldier Of Fortune Lyrics

I love to listen this song,..

Jovit Baldivino - PAANO lyrics *1st album 2010

Hope we can restore our mutual feelings once in for all,...but how? let me know? and I will do it for the sake of our relationship..

Jovit Baldivino - FAITHFULLY lyrics *1st album 2010

Yes I have a restless hearts because I always thinking of you,...

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (TITANIC) Lyrics on screen!!

Hope this would touch your heart,..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sad song - Please don't ask me why I'm still in love with You- JOHN FARNHAM

Honey, you remember this song? this is the song you ddcated to me before but I ignore it, thinking that its nonsense,...but now I felt that there is,..because it is already happening and touches my senses within,..inside my heart...hope there is still a chance to be with you again,..honey.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just to Remember the time being.

Just a moment ago, I visit my yahoo email in-box and found out that there's a lot of email from my honey pie and a bundle message from face book friends. First I delete all email message from my honey pie since it's no longer needed right now, (but since before we still have had virtual contact, I keep all her message, just to let refreshing the time being on how we shares our mutual feelings every time I missed her)'s a huge number of message that I really tired to delete...and while deleting all of them, I felt and remember how sweet we are, during that day,..not noticing that tears in my eyes is falling right behind my face down to my chin.

Yes,..frankly speaking, I still love her...depth in my heart I really love her..but I need to let her go since we have different path to walked..she is from the north and I am from the south.. it only happen that we accidentally meet virtually...we both expressed our feelings virtually and we shared all things that pertains to ourselves that makes both of us love virtually. All things was happen virtually until a year later we meet in person,..this time its no longer virtual but in reality. I felt so happy and felt so great because finally I met her in person. I also felt that she is happy to see me, to touched me and to hug me...that meeting was too short to us since it only took two days.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How does it Happen?

I'm so sad when I learned that the mining company is already in full-blast operation in my hometown at Cantilan Surigao del Sur, spite of anti-mining minded of the majority, the mining plan were push through even without the permission or proper documentation from the elected town officials. The reason is, the provincial DENR turn on the green lights in favor of the mining operate.

The things is, the mining company will destroy the mountainous areas that hold and control the flows of the storm water going down the town proper and nearby areas in our place, if the mountainous areas disappears then it surely vanished our hometown and even the lives of many residents from flash flood.

I am thinking, what happen now to my home town when the tragedy like what happen to Ormoc City comes? Does this stupid provincial DENR officers who issue the permit to operates the mining in my home town shoulders the big mishap that might happen during rainy season? Since it is already there,..the provincial DENR should closely monitor the mining operation and ensured that all rules and regulation are observed by the mining company.

Back to be Alive

Its been a long time ago that my blog site is empty, and needs to be revive once again. I've been so busy in my face book account and pitches some meaningful message/status that comes from my heart and at the same time chatting to some friends which I never meet before.

Its been a long time ago that I didn't visit my blog site and if I have time to open it I jump over immediately to my idol blog site just to know and reads her new blogs, sometimes leaves a comment on her blogs just to informed her that I'm still with her, informing her that I'm still her avid readers and followers.

Sad to say that I am now behind and might be set aside by her,.. since her follower grew rapidly from 5 last year and now its already 185.... which I really wanted her be more well-known bloggers and her dreams become realized.

Idol,..your still in my heart and still number one bloggers at all time.