Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just to Remember the time being.

Just a moment ago, I visit my yahoo email in-box and found out that there's a lot of email from my honey pie and a bundle message from face book friends. First I delete all email message from my honey pie since it's no longer needed right now, (but since before we still have had virtual contact, I keep all her message, just to let refreshing the time being on how we shares our mutual feelings every time I missed her)'s a huge number of message that I really tired to delete...and while deleting all of them, I felt and remember how sweet we are, during that day,..not noticing that tears in my eyes is falling right behind my face down to my chin.

Yes,..frankly speaking, I still love her...depth in my heart I really love her..but I need to let her go since we have different path to walked..she is from the north and I am from the south.. it only happen that we accidentally meet virtually...we both expressed our feelings virtually and we shared all things that pertains to ourselves that makes both of us love virtually. All things was happen virtually until a year later we meet in person,..this time its no longer virtual but in reality. I felt so happy and felt so great because finally I met her in person. I also felt that she is happy to see me, to touched me and to hug me...that meeting was too short to us since it only took two days.