Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Injustice In My Workplace

This is a tremendous sad days in my life, I will never forget this day that I have been experienced an injustice in my workplace. Injustice because of instead that my co-worker would be punished of being abusive and mean to me, by harassing and bullying me while jelling using an f-words in front of my face but then I am shock when I read the results of the investigation that I am being judge by the management of being mean and racist because of a fabricated story made by my co-worker.

My formal written complaint of harassment and bullying was overturned by a fabricated statement that makes me in trouble, and that fabricated statements was used against me of being mean and racist. That according to his statement I am the one who jelled at him saying "Just go to hell Nigger" which I categorically denied that allegation of saying that hostile words against him. I am wandering why the management didn't analyze or realized that the allegation made by my co-worker is true or not? did they really believed that a small guy like me would say that hostile words in a big guy like him? did they really believed that I could say that words to a guy who is not a black guy? did they realized that what would be my purpose why I initiates the complaint against him if I am the one who jelled at him and saying that hostile words? or they judge me according to my opponent fabricated story?

In my complaint I indicated that my co-worker jelling at me using an f-words that treated me like a dog. The reason of his getting mad at me is according to him I disrespect and insulting him for interrupting his lunch break while asking help to figure out the problem in my work area. After the problem was resolve I ask my other co-worker if the problems was resolve and he said "oh yeah no problem, it's ok now",..then all of a sudden my co-worker get mad to me saying that " why you care, you don't care" and I said to him "I really care that's why I ask help to you" but he still get mad to me saying that I disrespecting and insulting him for ruining his lunch break. I replied to him that we could go and figure out the problem after lunch break, but you still go on the site but he still mad at me and continuing jelling using an f-words in front of my face.

After the argument happened, I asked my other co-worker of what I am going to do about the incidents, do I need to report to HR or not, he replied to me that bring first the incidents to our supervisors. Then I follow his advice, the following day I wrote a written complaint about the incidents to my supervisor and promise me to investigate the incidents, and submit the results to HR. The things is he didn't initiates the investigation of the incidents, he directly submit the case to HR and the are the one who investigate the case. The HR called me and heard my side, then they called my co-worker who jelled at me heard his side, then called the other co-worker who witness the incidents heard his side. and base to the statement being made by my co-worker who jelled at me, he denied my complaint and reverse the situation that he is the one was jelled by me,..and said I am a racist because I called him "Just go to hell Nigger". I denied this allegation and said to HR that I never used or saying that kind of hostile words, but they don't believed on me but instead pursue and told me that the company do not tolerate any hostile words used against each other or against any person working in the company. They give me the notice that I was place on a Final Warning, that if ever I do it again I would be kick out on my job.

I felt very disappointed on that moments, I felt that there is injustice on my workplace because the circumstances that I never do or committed was awarded to me. That instead of having a good and fair trial or investigation, they totally believed that I am who abuse and harass my co-worker because of that fabricated story made by him. My co-worker manage to influence the one and only witness of the incident to go on his side and backing his allegation. He also influence the investigating body to believed his fabricated story and allegation that I am the one who abuse him by using bad words and saying that hostile words such as "Just go to hell Nigger"..I believed in God and I believed God knows the real incidents and I believed God will not tolerate any fabricated statement or story against thy neighbor...so I give and submit this case to our God Almighty to judges accordingly base on the truth...

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