Sunday, January 23, 2011


That dirge of smattered crimson blackness
Let me bruised, shattered and damaged all over.
So vain, so grotesque, and quite ill-fated,
Those shadows that continue to haunt me in my slumbers.
In the wings and flight of promises burned,

I'm still shackled by the grip of the past.
Forged within the depths of deception,
I sink to the brink of illusion with the spells it casts.
Time just gave some second swift
To our memories, so blithe, so sweet.

Now I sit here with my sagging hopes and dreams,
With velvet whispers hushed adrift.
Old pictures, faded scribbles,
The orange sky and blissful dusk,
Not the bane of our existence, 

Just the canvass of what was.

Remember this place
Where we watch those light house on hills.
Remember this place
Where both of us once entwined.
As dark and dull as a starless night,
As vague and bare like a withering tree.

That's how I feel without you now,
North star, my gentle zephyr, my saccharine sunshine, 
my sweet tenderness...and still says,..I Love You....

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