Monday, March 14, 2011


Aheem,..Aheem,..ohhh,,..what a great word of expression just to get her attention. Yeah,..that is an expression that makes her alive from being stucked up on her daily routine in face book. Ashley is a mother of one beautiful 13 yrs old girl, she is so nice, beautiful, and adorable that people may admired because of her kindness and politeness. She is also a simply woman that only a simple cute smile would  be seen into her face when you met her face to face.

From being a hard worker Mom in a first class hotel in Europe to being a good Mom of one lovely daughter at home, Ashley still has had time in face book. After reading some messages and comments on her wall, she immediately go to her favorite games "The Farmville and other games that face book offered to its member". And to make it sure that nobody interrupts her in playing her favorite games she turn off the chat session box and continue doing the games. That is how her daily routine runs everyday until one day someone sent a message and it says; "AHEEM,..AHEEM",.... what a very interesting message that tooks her attention while playing her favorite games.

Bernard is also an avid users of face book, and it is his habbit that every day he needs to read first the comments, and messages from his friends, relatives, and classmates into his wall before going to his favorite games. He played Farmville and Island Paradise just to scape the boredome in his daily life and after that, he got slept when all things are done. From being a hard worker in nightshift at global company base in U.S.A goes down to home work everyday such as attending kids needs on school, brings his daugther in school, and gives foods after kids got home, while being occupied he still have time to visit his face book account to make sure that he could answer some messages and comments from somebody else. That is the scenario when you visit him in his home everyday,..until one day Bernard saw the name that is very familiar to him in while visiting his relatives in face book account,..and he sent a message to her,.."AHEEM,..AHEEM",....

Ashley sent back a message; "AHEEM,..AHEEM" since she already recognized the name of the guy who sent the message. She is very sure, a 100% that the guy who sent the message is also the guy who rocks her innocent heart 30 yrs ago. Yes, innocent heart that fell in love to this guys who is also fell in love to her that days. But sad to say that this guys don't have a guts and afraid to be hurt if he offer his love seriously to her because of some reason that might not acceptable to her family and relatives. Until they departed from another horizon without saying anythings nor attempting to call just to say "I love you".

And one day,..the destiny offers to get in touch both Ashley and Bernard in face book, although the offers don't really gives the harmony of being in touch personally of the two because of being far from each other. Ashley is in Europe and Bernard is in U.S.A but the feelings they felt before 30 yrs ago was revived and they recollect the days when they are still in high school until they departed from each other...blaming both of them why nobody voice out about the feelings they have before. Ashley blamed Bernard why he didn't voice out his feelings to her before when she is still available, why he didn't make any move to know her that he fell in love to her...and she confessed to Bernard that she also fell in love to him that days, she only waits that Bernard would say that he fell in love to her. Bernard also confessed to her that he is afraid to tell the truth that he is badly inlove to her because of his situation, he is just a poor man who belongs to the poor family who hardly find food for every day living. And that is why he has no strength to tell and fight his feelings to her because of the circumstances of his life before.

(Well, its time to take a cup of coffee and let the second part of their life be published next time dear readers)

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