Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Caused Of Ruinning Our Natural Environment.

This is it, the things that I mentioned on my blog before, about illegal mining in my home town, the mining in Cabangahan, Cantilan Surigao Del Sur that starts last year 2010. In a short period of time Feb. 02, 2011  rains falls occurs and our entire barangay including the municipal town is full of rain water,..a "flash flood" that we normally heard from our weather forcasting department are seen all over the place. We're not only the one was affected by this calamities but also the four municipalities arround the province, Carrascal, Cantilan, Madrid, and Lanuza, we called it "CARCANMADLAN" not to mentioned of  all barrios of these municipalities which is heavilly affected.

These are the caused of ruinning our natural environment especially of illegal logging, illegal mining, and illegal quarrying. The worst things that might be the caused of this flash flood are the illegal logging and illegal mining. Cuttings of trees without any reservation would make the storms water flow very fast towards the slopes areas going down the low land,. and or it makes the creeks, the rivers fulls of water in a short period of time. If the creeks, and the river overflows the storms water goes anywhere in the fields which are normally the source of income of our farmers in the country side. All crops owned by our poor farmers would be devastated by these flash flood and only a little part would be spared from damages.

Not only our poor farmers are affected but also the whole neighborhood, because the flash flood might also be the caused of  damages that might collapse of our many infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings. These infrastructures are vital source of the people to make money daily,. this is also the source of our farmers to market their crops from barrio side to town proper, we called it road to market. If these infrastructure are not passable due to heavy damages, our poor farmers, our workers and other users would hardly do and go around to make money daily..

How about the residential houses, does these would be spared by flash flood? oh boy I don't thinks so. Yes, maybe,.. if your home is built in a high elevation areas, but normally and usually we seen homes are built in low land elevation where they could easily go around to make money in the neighborhood. And that's it,..if it is built in low land elevation their homes are not exempted from flash flood, and they don't know what will happen next if the water will rises in its fullest the nerves, the scarry things would be felt on that moment not mentioning what would be to be ate next.

So,..this is it,...this is the occurrence if the illegal logging, illegal mining and illegal quarying continous that affects our mother nature...our life,..and our next generation...Soooooo,..pleeeeeaaaasse stop these illegal activities against the Natural Environment of our owned province,..Long Live CARCANMADLAN and their folks.

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