Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My H.S Alma Matter

Wow,..I felt so glad because I found my old alma matter during my high school days in face book. It's been three decades when we walked on the stage to shake hands and received our diploma to our school President and Vice President Mr. and Mrs Yap together with our school principal Mrs Tiongquico. A very memorable days that every graduates from previous years felt so emotionally happy to remember, and the most memorables days that never fade in our minds is the high school days...and yes I'm not going to forget my high school days in Dau Academy, Dau Mabalacat Pampanga Philippines.

Dau Academy or D.A is not really a well-known high school school campus in our place in Dau Mabalacat Pampanga since this is only a small school during my highschool days,.. but,..oh men you won't even expected that you might be become a talented and inteligent person after you've done and graduated to this school. Yes,..because all students are taught by a hard working, talented, intellegent, and dedicated teachers who mentor you to learned more and more until you become a knowledgeable one.

There are many students from this school who are very successful now a days..some of them are engineers, business man, managers, lawyers, teachers, and others are proudly to mentioned as government employees, politician, and OFW which are they called them as "New Heroes" now a days. Well,..that is how life after highschool days, every graduates needs to find his/her owned destiny, some are very successful in their career and some are not.

In my highschool batch, that is batch '81 some of them are very successful in their career, and most of them are living now in different countries such as U.S.A., London, Middle East, Spain, and etc. with a happy family of course. And those who are unfortunate to reached their dreams and goals in their life are still strieving to make a good living and bring their kids to school no matter what. I know they want their kids to be successful in their career once they grew up and have their owned family in the future, that is how Filipino culture are.

Looking back to high school days, in my personal experience high school life is very memorable one, there are lots of fun, lots of friends, lots of crushed, lots of trouble, and unexpected true love to be found. You will never forgot those days in your life except if you don't mind it when you are already in a new dimension of living. Most of my classmates and batchmates names and their faces are still in my mind others are still familiar with me after 30 yrs. ago when I graduates in high school at Dau Academy, Dau Mabalacat Pampanga.

That's why I am very happy when I learned that some of my batchmates and classmate planned and organized our first batch reunion this coming July 9, 2011. I proudly mentioned and gives thanks to our batch '81 reunion organizer Eng'r and CEO Delino Cubacub, Mr. Cedel Monzon, Ma. Luz Dizon, Alma Abisia, Carolina Santos and others who actively participate in this incoming events of recollection. I salute you classmates and batchmates for this initiatives, you're trully a motivator of our H.S batch and more power to all of you and God Blessed you all.

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