Thursday, February 17, 2011


As I lay down in bed
Thinkin’ of somebody farway
Eyes wide open, missing her terribly
I want to reach out to her, but I can’t.
It’s her birthday today
but I am not there to greet her . . .
“A happy, happy birthday,
And may you have happier birthdays to come”.

Others may hugs and kiss you
On your birthday
But I know that
I couldn't hugs and kiss you anymore.
Just remember my dear
That sometime, I'm a part of your life

I am sad, coz I'm no longer
Exist in your humble heart
But deep in with me
You're still in my mind and in my heart
And that is forever.

As I look forward to your coming birthdays
I wish you want me
To spend time with you
And let me greet you
"A happy, happy birthday honey"

And as I look forward, hope you allow me
To be with you once again
And accept me as what I am before
And let our hearts entwined, To make our dreams realized.

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