Sunday, September 19, 2010

How does it Happen?

I'm so sad when I learned that the mining company is already in full-blast operation in my hometown at Cantilan Surigao del Sur, spite of anti-mining minded of the majority, the mining plan were push through even without the permission or proper documentation from the elected town officials. The reason is, the provincial DENR turn on the green lights in favor of the mining operate.

The things is, the mining company will destroy the mountainous areas that hold and control the flows of the storm water going down the town proper and nearby areas in our place, if the mountainous areas disappears then it surely vanished our hometown and even the lives of many residents from flash flood.

I am thinking, what happen now to my home town when the tragedy like what happen to Ormoc City comes? Does this stupid provincial DENR officers who issue the permit to operates the mining in my home town shoulders the big mishap that might happen during rainy season? Since it is already there,..the provincial DENR should closely monitor the mining operation and ensured that all rules and regulation are observed by the mining company.

Back to be Alive

Its been a long time ago that my blog site is empty, and needs to be revive once again. I've been so busy in my face book account and pitches some meaningful message/status that comes from my heart and at the same time chatting to some friends which I never meet before.

Its been a long time ago that I didn't visit my blog site and if I have time to open it I jump over immediately to my idol blog site just to know and reads her new blogs, sometimes leaves a comment on her blogs just to informed her that I'm still with her, informing her that I'm still her avid readers and followers.

Sad to say that I am now behind and might be set aside by her,.. since her follower grew rapidly from 5 last year and now its already 185.... which I really wanted her be more well-known bloggers and her dreams become realized.

Idol,..your still in my heart and still number one bloggers at all time.