Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Tour in My Home Town,..Cantilan Surigao del Sur

I have been enable to visit my home town in the Philippines last May 7-28, 2012...I am very happy to see it again while viewing the rest of my childhood footprint,..especially the ocean beach where I am always walking while looking the incoming big waves kissing the shores and smell the aroma of the fresh air.

I also seen the place where I work when I am young, the place where who molds me to become responsible in helping my older sister paying their school miscellaneous when they are in college. A lot of changes I've seen on my neighborhood, and a lot of improvement in my town proper, the Cantilan,..Cantilan Surigao del Sur...I have also visited other islands where I didn't seen before,..such as General Island/Ayoke,..Huyamao, Double B island and many more..what a lucky days that I have experience during my tour/vacation in my hometown!!!

It is a wonderful things to see those places and I think someday if God permits me to live many more years, maybe I could visit those other tourist spot that the Philippines has,..maybe someday I could make more memorable memories in my life, especially if I could visit those wonderful tourist spot in my homeland. Thanks to our mighty God for the blessing he gives and provides to me and to my family.

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