Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to be Alive

Its been a long time ago that my blog site is empty, and needs to be revive once again. I've been so busy in my face book account and pitches some meaningful message/status that comes from my heart and at the same time chatting to some friends which I never meet before.

Its been a long time ago that I didn't visit my blog site and if I have time to open it I jump over immediately to my idol blog site just to know and reads her new blogs, sometimes leaves a comment on her blogs just to informed her that I'm still with her, informing her that I'm still her avid readers and followers.

Sad to say that I am now behind and might be set aside by her,.. since her follower grew rapidly from 5 last year and now its already 185.... which I really wanted her be more well-known bloggers and her dreams become realized.

Idol,..your still in my heart and still number one bloggers at all time.

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