Thursday, June 4, 2009


Now,.. do you know Emmanuel "manny pacman" pacquiao,.. guessed what,... he said to Oscar De La Hoya after their fight that " Oscar you're still my Idol, Oscar replied to him,... no you are my idol now because you didn't knock me down". When Manny saw Oscar De La Hoya on Ricky Hatton team fight to give moral support to Ricky,

Manny was mad at him,... instead of three rounds to knocked Ricky Hatton down on the canvass as Fredie Roach predicted,.. Manny did it in two rounds in dedication to Oscar De La Hoya's loyalty as his new idol. Oscar De La Hoya didn't show up anymore after the fight,... he is shame and afraid that Manny would give him a surprise unseen straight job into his faced for being Balimbing.

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